Attendance management system: A boost to HR operations in the digital era.

There used to be a time when attendance was marked and recorded on registers manually, thus resulting in inconvenience in maintaining the smooth running of several HR operations throughout various organizations. We are glad that we are past it in the digital era since the introduction of biometrics, automation, and online attendance system has paved the way for such operations to be efficient, effective, and, most importantly, time bound for the processes required.

One such innovation, an automated attendance management system, has brought a breakthrough change in HR operations; let us know how.

What is attendance management?

It is a system where the data of the employees are archived, and it helps to log the details of the working hours and leaves and tracks the effective work done by them throughout their service for the company. This system gathers the data through various biometric processes, like Punching cards, fingerprint enrollment, online attendance system, etc.

Importance of an attendance management system.

An attendance management system helps maintain a strong relationship with your employees as it collates data without any bias in the system, and inference is drawn purely based on how the information is secured from the primary point of contact. This system allows you to deal with employees fairly.

This also helps in proper wage management for the employees in the organization, and the employees are paid exactly what the company owes them.

This system accurately puts out the data of employees. It helps an organization to determine how an employee is reliable and accurately notifies the organization about the timelines of every employee.

This system comes with several advantages; they are :

Maintains accuracy


Productivity is increased

Reviewing attendance becomes easy

Efficient workflow management

Operation is easy

Simple integration

Attendance tracking

User friendly

Quick generation of report


How is this a secure system for organizations?

These systems are worked around security systems and designs. Particularly, biometric systems are solid and might assist with preventing time robbery and mate punching and eliminates social control expenses.

These systems are of prime utility to organizations where security is a major concern. Inaccurate records can cost your company a great deal of monetary loss. They can abuse work laws, bringing about legitimate guards and fines.

It is very important that businesses track attendance, give their employees basic pay, and track any extra hours worked by any respective employee.

Given these major advantages, these systems help boost HR operations as it becomes extremely efficient for them to produce accurate data, and major forgeries are avoided.

Types of Attendance Management System

Manual System - manual recording has been used over the years as a basic attendance and time tracking, either in the form of a register or excel document. This system has been deemed a tedious task for the HR of any organization. It is seldom preferred by any major companies anymore.

Mechanized systems - with this kind of system, inputs are automatically generated records related to employees in and out times.

Time cards - this is the upgraded version of the traditionally used punch clock. A timecard system automates time tracking using a timecard that employees will need to swipe.

Biometric systems - These are innovative time, and attendance tracking system that uses facial recognition, fingerprints, eye scanning, and more to ensure that the right person is clocking into the correct location and duplication of identity is prevented throughout.

Proximity card readers - These tracking systems rely on different readers that will scan and identify employees' cards. These not only track clocking in and out but your employee's movements in the workplace.

Cloud-Based system -this system uses cloud innovation, an online attendance system, to guarantee that one's attendance information can be processed accurately. Logins and logouts are performed for all the systems efficiently, and data is stored securely throughout.

How to choose the right Attendance Management System?

Before choosing an attendance management system, you have to ensure that it meets your organization's needs.

It would be best to look at various aspects, such as :

Access to employee attendance

Web clock in and clock out

Payroll integration

Leave management

Real-time attendance reports

Minimum contact

End Note :

At Mantra, we understand the customer's requirements and cater to them by providing them with the best in class Biometric Time and Attendance System.

Mantra's unique time and attendance system present a boundless attendance solution to businesses or enterprises that is broadly applicable and accessible at diverse locations. Our biometric machine acknowledges an individual's physiological features like fingerprint, iris, and face detection to register the attendance, thus eliminating any manipulation via proxy attendance at the workplace.


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