Why is Identity Management System Crucial in the Modern World?

In this era, where technology and the development of technologies have been the backbone of every industry, it becomes extremely necessary for businesses that run on the foundations of automation to provide safe and secure access to the systems.

However, most governmental and non-profit organizations cannot meet the degree of security and usability when it comes to the experience and safety of residents. As a result, identity management concerns in the public sector continue to be a problem and threaten to harm individuals' privacy and information security.

What might be the best way to provide strong identity security in the public sector while maintaining user-friendly usability?

That's where the identity management system comes into the picture.

An identity management system has been crucial in maintaining access transparency between enterprises and employees for years. It has been a game changer as it ensures the highest level of security and great user experience. Let us understand different aspects of Identity Management Systems through this blog.

What is an Identity Management System?

An identity management system ensures that only authorized personnel from any specific organization can access the resources, limited for their exclusive use. The identity management system raises alerts and alarms when access is attempted by unauthorized personnel or programs, whether from inside or outside the office perimeter, preventing unauthorized access to systems and resources, infiltration of any organization or protected data, and unauthorized access.

How does an Identity Management System Work?

Identification, authentication, and authorization are the three main functions that identity management systems handle. In other words, only those who need access to computers, hardware, software, or other IT resources should be able to do so or carry out particular activities.

The Identity Management system majorly includes:-

A database that contains the details of the specific people of the organization.

Tools that are responsible for monitoring, modifying, and deleting profiles.

System to audit and access the access and login history.

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Identity management to secure citizen's records- Boost to eGovernance

Cities must be creative in serving everyone while maintaining high services, given the population increase. Considering all facilities are put on a single platform and customer experience.

The government sector's adoption of identity management systems is a great place to start since they are used to monitor citizens across various channels without sacrificing user experience.

Considering this, the government can bring in a strong identity management system that ensures high security of the citizens and monitor citizens without any physical presence and ensure their safety. Several aspects link the people and the government with the same, few of them are

Risk-Based Authentication

This is a feature of an identity management system that, without any physical presence, establishes an access system to the consumer, which determines the risk factors associated with the profile. When the risk level is appropriate, the risk-based solution enables various web apps to question users for extra credentials.

Passwordless Login

In the case of older people who don't tend to use different passwords for several accounts, passwords can be readily guessed or stolen.

As a result, older people are significantly more likely to have their accounts hacked and their identities stolen.

Citizens won't have to worry about remembering another password thanks to a passwordless login system that makes the registration and authentication procedure frictionless. Hence, the vulnerabilities decrease when there is no password to hack in the first place.

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In this ever-growing tech era, it becomes essential to constitute decentralized data, including personal identity information. It is important to have a centralized system to maintain the same in the form of an identity management system. Mantra, having worked with the government and other private enterprises, ensures that this system will play a crucial role in linking the masses to private and government sectors and allowing them to work efficiently with the highest form of security.


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