A Comprehensive School Attendance Vehicle Tracking Management Solution

School Attendance & Vehicle Tracking Management System

In the present time, parents are worried about the safety of their children right from the time they leave for their school until they return home safely. Whereas, along with assuring the parents about students’ safety, the school authorities are also concerned about monitoring students’ headcount while commuting to school & returning back as well as within the school premises.

A comprehensive school attendance & vehicle tracking system can provide a holistic solution to both the parents & school authorities using next-generation technologies like RFID, biometrics, GPS, etc.

An all-in-one student attendance & vehicle tracking solution can not only offer GPS-based school bus tracking system to the school authorities but also an RFID or biometric student attendance management system along with smart communication features as follows:

1.School Bus Tracking System

GPS-based school bus tracking system helps to get the precise location of the school’s transport facilities, which is significant for the students’ safety. The school bus tracking system further provides the following info to the parents either via SMS or mobile App:

School Bus Tracking System

Students pick-up and drop-in timings

School bus route mapping in real-time

Notification on a student entering and leaving the school

Additionally, RFID readers installed at the door of the school bus makes it possible to record students’ attendance and monitor their headcount every time they hop on the bus.

2. Student Attendance System

Logging entry of each student manually is time-consuming, and the students’ attendance records take up valuable space. Hence, the school authorities are enacting the latest student attendance system to make the process of tracking students’ attendance and absentees much simpler, rapid, and precise.

An innovative student attendance system also presents a class-wise attendance system to the school authorities. Once a student enters the class, his/her attendance can be incorporated through on the latest Biometric or RFID devices. This way, the system can offer a student’s weekly or monthly attendance record in no time.

Student Attendance System

3. Smart Communication System

Smart Communication System

With the support of the integrated Android application, the system serves as an active communication link between the school authorities and the parents. The smart communication system can provide various reports to the parents as well as school authorities, through a separate App.

The App meant for parents will notify them about the route of the school bus, its estimated arrival & departure time along with the travel time, and class attendance of their child. Whereas, the App meant for school authorities will notify them about the clock-in/out time of the teachers/students, real-time route mapping of the school transportation, and its status.

4. Vehicle Safety and Security

The system provides a comprehensive security solution to the school authorities enhancing the safety & security of their transportation allowing them:

To track, examine and manage their fleet more efficiently

To get information on route mapping

Know about total distance travelled and speed of the vehicle

Get the fleet status reports like AC, Engine On/Off, fuel usage, total mileage, etc.

Live vehicle tracking and monitoring

Vehicle Safety and Security

A host of Features and Benefits

RFID-based students’ attendance and headcount monitoring when they hop on the school transport vehicle

Tracking an exact location of the school’s transport facilities

Enhanced safety & security of the students

Students’ pick-up and drop-in alert notifications to parents & school authorities

Biometric or RFID-based class-wise students attendance

Mantra offers a customized RFID, GPS, and biometric-based student attendance & vehicle tracking management solution to ensure students’ safety & security and tracking their school attendance.

To know more about Mantra’s holistic student attendance & school transport tracking system, download the document.


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    Millions around the globe are using GPS vehicle tracking systems to monitor fleet and personal vehicles. Business users are realizing the benefits the systems provide in running smoother and more efficient logistics operations, while individual users are realizing the peace of mind GPS trackers provide keeping them informed that their family members are safe, and the vehicles secured.


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