Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)

Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System

Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System commonly known by its acronym AEBAS is a Time & Attendance system premised on Biometric technology linked with Aadhaar verification to precisely record the attendance of personnel working at Government offices. The Indian Government has regulated a standard technology i.e. Biometric Attendance System for almost all the Government Agencies that further includes the Central Government provinces following a program named “Digital India”.

AEBAS is a real-time monitoring attendance system formulated by the Indian Government for the government employees itself to enhance their productivity. This Biometric attendance system records an employee attendance utilizing Aadhaar number, generated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System is an efficient biometric attendance management system that utilizes fingerprint or iris of an individual to record the attendance of government employees including the executives and administrators for an accurate attendance marking implementation.

Why Government Felt the Need for AEBAS?

Over thousands of government officials employed by the Government of India are working across various departments, organizations and ministries. Maintaining attendance of numerous government employees is a cumbersome task for the government agencies. On the other hand, the presence of government employees is a crucial factor that immediately affects the work rate and productiveness, causing delay in various government chores.

Conventionally, with such a large workforce, officials used to mark their attendance into registers utilizing the pen and paper methodology upon reaching the office. However, maintaining and monitoring attendance of several thousand employees is above one’s hand resorting to the traditional employment practice. The conventional practice can also prove to be unreliable as anyone can enter incorrect data into the system, challenging the administrative operation.

As a consequence, the cutting-edge biometric enabled attendance system is to be introduced for an accurate attendance management. Biometrics enabled attendance system employed by the Government agencies’ utilizing Aadhaar ID is well-known as ‘Aadhaar enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)’. This seems to be a perfect solution for efficiently monitoring and managing the attendance record of the officials.

Contrary to the standard attendance system, Aadhaar Biometric Devices prove to be one of the best solutions for a real-time, accurate and reliable attendance management system.

Hallmark of AEBAS

The Aadhaar enabled Biometric Attendance System is employed mainly for recording the attendance of an individual utilizing his/her biometric attributes by matching it against the record maintained in UIDAI database of a respective employee. Biometric attendance system comes with the bundle of features that include:

AEBAS stimulates real time monitoring of the employee attendance

AEBAS system is self sustainable and lightweight

Compared to the traditional approaches of marking attendance, time taken to mark the attendance through AEBAS is considerably less within few seconds.

The system is integrated easily with the mobile communication channel for sending real time notifications of the login and logout timings of personnel.

AEBAS consists of a system that supports centralized data functions.

The system supports multiple platforms

Trump Card of AEBAS

Aadhaar enabled Biometric Attendance System has baggage full of advantages to offer to the Government agencies to monitor and track attendance record of the employees. Some advantages have been listed below herein that acts as icing on the cake for the Government officials in compare to the traditional attendance management system:

The AEBAS break off buddy punching practice of the employees as they link Aadhaar data.

Employees are restricted to mark backdate attendance.

Accurately tracks the entry time and exit time to know the exact office hours of each employee.

Easy online tracking of employees through government website.

AEBAS Bringing Plethora of Change

In an attempt to give a big push, government couple of months ago, announced the utilization of an advanced biometric attendance system with facial recognition for marking attendance of the civic bodies in Mumbai to keep an eye on the perpetual late comers. Not only the machines are installed, but are equipped with the GPRS technology to keep vigilance over employee attendance by the government officials through a single screen while sitting in his office.

In the past few months, the school education department in Coimbatore has planned to adopt the Biometric Attendance System in most of the government-aided schools of the district. Nearly 7,728 government-aided schools will be employed with the Biometric Attendance System to maintain the clock-in and clock-out time of the teachers and students across the State.


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