Advantages of Biometric In Hotel Industry

Biometrics is one of the promising technology and pervaded every facet of society by exerting influence on different organizations, businesses or government services in multiple positive ways. Considering the proven track record of the latest biometric technology in providing supreme security, being a precise human identification tool and bringing ease of management, it has found a significant place across multiple sectors.

The hotel industry in India is blooming substantially with the steep surge in the number of foreign tourists and the expansion of domestic tourism. With the intense market competition and the expanding hotel industry, regulating internal processes and enhancing security becomes a matter of concern for the hoteliers. But thanks to Biometrics!

Biometric scanner devices are not only designed for imparting security but also for monitoring and maintaining time-attendance of employees or working staff, which eventually assists the hotel management in bringing transparency to the payroll system.

Enacting Biometrics in Hotel for Efficient Staff Management

In the hotel industry, delivering excellent guest experience is pre-eminent and it largely depends on the services furnished by the hotel employees. In the 24/7 world of hotels, the management team requires to ensure their employees remain on the ground for presenting timely and standard customer service.

To achieve the objective of excellent service delivery, the availability of hotel staff and their punctuality is imperative. Thus, the hoteliers shall make use of biometric devices to maintain the punctuality of hotel staff, conduct proper scheduling of the employees, manage their payroll accurately & efficiently, etc.

1. Access Control System to Manage the Access of Hotel Staff and Patrons

Administering hotel security is not a child’s play, especially from the standpoint of the rising threat to the hotel industry and encroachment on guest’s privacy or rights. For every hotel management team, it is crucial to secure sensitive areas and restrict access of visitors to storerooms, pantries or any other part of the property.

Traditionally, locks and keys were utilized by the hotel’s managerial staff for controlling the access of hotel staff and patrons within the premises. Additionally, the cleaning crew, as well as other hotel employees, had to carry a bunch of keys. Besides, to look after the privacy of guests, the hoteliers were required to rekey the locks in case patrons lose their keys or missed to return it.

But with the advent of revolutionary technologies, the hotel industry is turning towards the adoption of the next-generation biometric-enabled or card-based access control systems.

The cutting-edge access control system enables tracking of the access of hotel staff/employees to constricted areas/rooms such as guest rooms, laundry rooms, pantries, etc. And, the adaptability of modern-day access control systems is increasing amongst hoteliers as they deliver advanced security to guests and employees.

2. Time Attendance System to Monitor Hotel Staff’s Clock-in/out Time

Hoteliers today, know the importance of proffering magnificent living experience to the guests. Consequently, to attend the needs of patrons, the hotel management may experience the need for employing more and more staff. However, with the rise in the number of hotel employees/staff, it becomes challenging to record and manage the working hours of each hotel staff member efficiently.

Fortunately, biometric devices are not just for enhancing customer security or convenience but also for easing the internal operations of hoteliers such as accurate time-attendance monitoring of workforce, improving the efficiency of staff and bringing payroll transparency.

As a result, biometric attendance system is utilized to precisely track the attendance of hotel staff further mitigating the possibility of time theft or buddy punching as an employee’s physical attribute like a fingerprint, iris or facial impression becomes essential to mark the attendance.

Perks of Deploying Biometric Device in Hotels

Real-time attendance monitoring of hotel staff

Efficient scheduling of the staff

Manage multiple shifts effectively

Real-time reports on employee holidays, absence, late coming, etc.

Helps in enhancing the productivity of staff

Elimination of buddy-punching by accurate identification of staff

Assist in providing accurate and timely salary data for payroll

Controlling the access of staff/patrons within the property


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