Biometric Security Solutions: Transforming Industry 4.0

Security Solutions Industry 4.0

As we stand on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, an immense need for security solutions or systems is increasing on a large-scale in the physical world. Because of this, we observe a steep rise in the implementation of biometric products and solutions in various fields and across different verticals ranging from banking, financial services & insurance (BFSI), government, information technology (IT) & telecom, retail, healthcare, energy & utilities, transportation, manufacturing and others.

Safety of people and security of assets are the basic needs of any organization. With access to new generation technologies the Indian organizations, businesses & enterprises are turning towards the cutting-edge biometric technology to improve organizations’ entire security infrastructure.

Harnessing the Potential of Biometric Solution ‘Morzel’ to Embrace Industry 4.0

Every Industry requires an integrated custom-tailored solution for better performance & efficiency. Mantra has moved beyond the biometric hardware solutions by providing the software solutions to fulfil the critical functions of biometric identification and authentication systems.

A biometric security solution offered by Mantra under ‘Morzel’ provides innovative & effective one-stop biometric & RFID based security solutions for Industry 4.0 – the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Mantra Softech develops innovative technology-based products and solutions for a customized requirement in any Industry-specific applications. It has eight major software solutions and their modularity, as well as ease-of-integration, enables the customers to adopt the solutions for enhancing flexibility and extensibility.

Further, Mantra Softech is thus moving beyond the traditional Biometric solution by introducing integrated Biometric security solutions & offering customized solutions. As of now, Morzel presents eight customizable biometric solutions as under:

1. Visitor Management System

To manage and track the activities of visitors is imperative for enterprise and organization. Henceforth, Mantra presents the visitor management system which provides a secure approach to identify, manage and track the visitors or guests visiting the premises/facilities of your businesses or enterprise. The solution makes use of the latest web technologies and proffers a seamless process of keeping track over all the visitors’ or guests’ activities within your facilities.

Following are some of the features the visitor management system offers:-

Visitor category listing

Searchable visitor history

Automatic database backup

Real-time visitor status

Pre-scheduling the appointments of visitors

2. Parking Management System

Mantra’s parking management system offers an end-to-end, automated and advanced parking management solution. The solution assists not only the users but also the agencies who handle the parking management projects. Moreover, the parking management solution offers various customized solutions like parking guidance system, on-street parking management system, valet parking system, integration of access control and security elements such as CCTV, ANPR, etc.

In essence, the parking management system comes with a lot of features out of which some of the significant features are:-

The real-time counting of parked vehicles

Managing the entry/exit of records

Identification of paid/unpaid vehicles

Pre-booking of parking slots

Booking through a mobile application

3. Canteen Management System

The canteen management system furnishes hassle-free dining experience along with maintaining the track of food consumption. Moreover, the system provides an end to end solution to the companies for simplifying their canteen management operations using biometric POS terminals integrated with contactless smart card readers.

Some compelling features of the canteen management system are as follows:-

Daily food menu configuration

The real-time dashboard

Supports multiple terminals

Cashless & paperless transactions

Payment gateway integration

4. Access Control System

With the increasing threat of intruders and an Unauthorized person entering the restricted area, a strong need for the robust access control system arises. Hence, Organizations require an advanced access controls system that manages and controls the access of people at entrance & exits of the facilities. On the whole, the solution is designed to keep an authorized person away by applying the next-generation technologies – biometrics, RFID, and card readers.

The biometric-enabled solution is customized and offers multiple features such as:-

Intrusion detection

Electronic visitor & history logging

Custom report generation

Remote authorization

A higher level of security

5. Workforce Management System

In the current era, the way organizations/enterprises’ control and improve upon their worker’s activities are quite crucial for maximizing the productivity of the workers/employees. Thus, Mantra introduces the worker management system that subsides the task of keeping a track over employee activities such as recording the check-in/out time of personnel, storing the data and records of them, allowing only authorized person to enter the restricted areas and much more as follows:-

Report generation

Wages report of the workers

Biometric registration of workers

Reports of registered worker’s

Over time & double shift records

Assist in payroll management

6. Vehicle Tracking Management System

Due to the rise in the number of accidents which adds difficulty in tracking the lost assets or person, increasing crime rates that involve usage of vehicles and such other issues, a requirement to track & identify vehicles arises. Hence, Mantra introduces an excellent GPS based vehicle tracking solution to discover the location of vehicle/s in real-time. All in all, the solution is suitable for both the heavy and light commercial vehicles including public transport, perishable goods transport, car rental & agricultural or special machinery carrier transportation.

Listed underneath are some of the advanced features coupled with our system:-

Real-time vehicle tracking

Receives alert notifications

Driver behaviour monitoring

Report generation

Anytime Data analysis

7. Time & Attendance Management System

For small to large organization or enterprise, it is crucial to preserve an accurate and compliant record of employee hours. Consequently, Mantra presents a convenient solution to track employees’ time & attendance and increase their productivity. To sum up, the entirely automated time-tracking SaaS-based platform MINOP cloud works in tandem with Mantra’s biometric fingerprint, IRIS and face recognition devices. It will eventually help to improve workforce productivity and engagement.

Some of the compelling features of biometric time attendance are as follows:-

Accurate time recording

Eliminates data manipulation

Assist in error-free payroll calculation

Leave management & overtime calculation

Hassle free attendance management system

8. Biometric-Based Equipment Access Control

Mantra Softech brings biometric-based equipment access control that allows the use of equipment by an authorized operator through biometrics. The biometric fingerprint scanner and iris sensors will carry on the identification process of a person to know if he is an authorized operator or not. Altogether, the solution can be integrated with any equipment used in sensitive operations or safety hazardous interlocked system and likewise.

The solution is customized and offers interesting features such as:-

Quick identification of the operator through biometric scanner

Software integration support

Easy PLC integration

Custom design of OEM module as per the client’s needs and requirements

Availability of fingerprint and iris scanners modules


The solutions provided by Mantra are pretty unique right from designing to developing and are suitable for multiple verticals ranging from Government agencies or offices, banking & financial, telecom, healthcare, education, hotels, small-sized to large-sized businesses, organizations or enterprises, retail to ports & plants.

Mantra’s security solution ‘Morzel’ is customized and specifically designed for Industry 4.0 which establishes the standards for future security.


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