Biometric Security Systems in Different Industries

Biometric Security Systems

The term “biometrics” alludes to the collection and utilize of organic information and behavioural characteristics. With the quick improvement of biometric security systems, their affirmation as safety systems is growing at a quick pace. The technological mantra of any identification/verification system be it biometric or something else is to provide exact data with zero errors in all condition it is subjected to and however manages to provide that solution at the slightest cost possible inside the market. Fingerprint technology comes outstandingly close to this want and thus appreciates wide affirmation over industries.

Below, a few of the industries (zones) that make utilize of fingerprint technology are discussed briefly.


Most smartphones today are equipped with fingerprint scanners. Banks are harnessing the now-ubiquitous mobile phone feature as an added layer of security. Fingerprint identification is utilized by banks, to know accurately ‘who’ is utilizing the services they are offering also for recording customers’ activities. It in addition significantly valuable in making a difference in banking system regarding KYC norms. Uses of fingerprint technology to access ATMs in addition exceptionally well known and has been favoured over Pin & cards.


Fingerprint sensors permit to extraordinarily recognize each electronic medical data without the necessity of putting other identifiers such as date, numbers, code, and other important data. Subsequently, prompt access to the patients’ medical history could be fulfilled. This as well dispenses with the chances of the wrong withdrawal of medical reports or mirror copy which may be dangerous in some cases.

Human Resource Management

It is one region which widely makes use of fingerprint sensors for the reason of giving access to the distinctive parts of the office and for time and attendance management. This technology can be effectively facilitated with the existing remuneration systems inside the company so as to supply more exact attendance information to be utilized for labour law compliance.

Government Agencies

The mission of each government office around the world can be summed up as takes after: the government is planned to enhance people’s lives through secure, solid, progressed technology that serves the citizens. There are people to be made a difference, people to be stopped, people to be examined, and for people to be protected.

Thus, government offices within the federal sector – counting border security, law authorization, and civilian services – require immovable execution, accessibility, accuracy, and supreme responsiveness within the region of identity management to fulfill their missions.

Many government offices are using them in many regions like citizen identification applications (like UID in India), Passports, PDS (public distribution systems), Election card, and other public security and identification systems. Public security and identification systems use fingerprint technology in prisons, government premises, detainment centers, border control, etc.


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