Benefits of Biometric Single Sign-On Authentication

Several businesses/organisations are deploying biometric single sign-on systems to improvise the verification of its users nowadays. Biometric single sign-on authentication needs the consumer to submit his biometric credential only a single time to log in to websites or computer networks. This method saves a huge amount of time of the user as it eradicates the requirement to submit data every time he/she requires access to a particular service. Single sign-on is user-friendly as the user doesn’t have to use or recall any PINs or passwords anymore.

Why SSO is better than passwords

Passwords can be easily predicted
Usually, people set passwords that have something to do with their names, birthdays, websites etc. And for hackers, it’s just a piece of cake to guess your password.

Passwords can get Hacked
It is said that it takes about 5.5 hours to hack an eight-character password with today’s hacking technologies.

Passwords can be stolen
Oh the pain of remembering passwords! And trying to find where you wrote it down, yes we’ve all been there. Since most of us use a combination of letters and numbers, they are most likely to be forgotten or in other cases stolen.

Benefits of using Single Sign-on biometrics :-

Reduced password resetting costs
SSO reduces password reset costs, as it reduces the number of tickets the IT department gets for a password reset. Even though setting a password might seem like a simple task, resetting one is time-consuming and cost-intensive.

High Accuracy
It is undoubtedly more accurate than passwords and revokes access to unauthorised persons. It increases authentication accuracy by granting access to information only to the right person.

Safe Authentication
Since biometric information is unique and can neither be stolen nor be replicated, Biometric SSO ensures safe access to company networks on the web.

Two-factor Authentication
Two- factor authentications are the standard way to prevent spoofing attacks, because pin numbers or pass codes can be robbed or forged but biometric authentication makes it effortlessly safe.

The issue with cumbersome and redundant password efforts can be easily resolved with single sign-on biometric authentication. Businesses can experience more advanced authentication without having to deal with weak passwords or pin security issues by replacing their existing systems with SSO systems.





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