How Biometric Solutions Are Shaping Workplace Security?

Role of Biometric Solutions in Workplace Security

Advanced technologies such as biometrics are taking over the world with great speed since the traditional authentication methods for verification and authentication are turning out to be more susceptible to security lapses. Passwords and logins are more prone to hacks as compared to biometric modalities that are unique to each individual. Not only this, but biometrics technology also provides an additional layer of security and faster ways of screening.

It also erases the need for creating different passwords and then worrying about keeping them safe for every time you need to sign into an online app or website. Modern customers value the speed and convenience of any service, and using biometrics measurements for authentication offers a seamless onboarding experience. With time, biometrics are becoming more affordable and easier to adopt, which is why they are emerging as a popular choice among banks and other financial institutions.

With new cases of digital identity theft and cybercrime rising every day, pushing up demand for robust and reliable authentication systems is necessary.

What is Biometric Authentication Technology?

Biometric authentication is a security process relying completely on one’s unique biological characteristics for verifying their authenticity. This technology compares the biometric data to the one stored in the database, which is confirmed and authentic.

There are many types of biometric systems. It can be acquired and screened through biometric fingerprint scanners, retina and iris recognition, voice detection, facial recognition, liveness detection, etc. For instance, a biometric authentication system verifies that a captured image of a person is indeed that person in the flesh and not a still or flat image.

How does it work?

Biometric systems compare two sets of data captured via biometric sensors:

The first one is present by the owner of the device.

The second one belongs to the device visitor.

The match between the two data sets need not be exactly identical but nearly identical since no machine provides 100% efficiency. Here’s how it works:

ID Document Capture:
Any new user is required to take a picture of his/her government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, with their smartphone or webcam. Technologies like AI, machine learning, computer vision and human review are used to determine if the ID is fraudulent or authentic.

Selfie Capture:
Then, the user is asked to take a corroborating selfie. It’s compared to the picture on the ID document to make sure that the person is real and he’s not using a stolen ID.

3D Face Map Creation:
Some solutions will include a liveness check via 3D face mapping (face recognition technology) to ensure that the online user is physically present and not a spoof. This captured face map is then stored and assigned to the new customer during the initial enrolment process.

Online Account Creation:
After all the ID checks along with additional background checks, the vetted user is provided account credentials i.e., a username and password.

Ongoing User Authentication:
Whenever users want to log in, they only need to capture a new selfie which creates a new face map that is compared to the original 3D face map captured during enrolment. It only takes a few seconds.

Benefits of Biometrics

Better Security in the Workplace
Biometrics can be used to unlock/lock and monitor doors, assuring only those authorised to enter are allowed access. It reads a person’s unique features such as iris and fingerprint biometrics or face/handshape to ensure that only an actual employee can clock in and out.

High Accuracy
Traditional security systems rely on passwords or smart cards which can be inaccurate at times while biometric security devices are highly accurate. Biological characteristics such as fingerprints and retinal scans provide unique data sets as soon as the system is set up correctly, which cannot be replicated easily. No one but the authorised users will be able to gain access.

Improved Payroll Accuracy
Biometric systems allow companies to eliminate the costs and mistakes occurring in manual data input which impacts employee paycheques. Biometrics can keep track of payroll hours faster and more accurately to ensure that payroll information is transmitted correctly to the concerned department along with the exact time/overtime spent working.

Offers Convenience
Passwords and pins can be easily forgotten, stolen, and hacked. But biometrics is more secure as people can’t steal your genetics; well, not easily. With people forgetting traditional security methods like passwords, it creates a lot of inconvenience for them. The same goes for smart cards and keys; however, it won’t be the case with biometrics as there won’t be issues of sharing, duplication, or fraud.

Saves Time
Unlike traditional security methods, biometric identification is extremely quick i.e., it’s only a matter of a few seconds. It can be highly beneficial for business owners for whom time is everything as they can use biometric solutions to increase their productivity and reduce costs by eliminating chances of fraud.
Biometric solutions are getting a lot of attention lately as they offer a wide range of applications and benefits for many industries. For instance, universities, e-learning providers, and proctoring services can use this technology as a reliable solution to ensure that a student who is taking the exam is really the individual who is expected to attend that test. Similarly, it can be used to increase security and reduce the chances of fraud at workplaces.


This technology is fast, reliable, accurate, and compact. It can be in the form of a biometric device for mobile or a fingerprint scanner for mobile that can be used by workplaces and other industries to capture real-time workforce data quickly and accurately. These features are the reason for such a fast adoption of biometrics technology; at this speed, the technology is surely going to take over the entire world.


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