Biometrics in Automotive Industry: the Long Road Ahead

Biometric technological innovation has been proactively comprehended by the international automobile sector, giving the auto segment a lucrative opportunity to take charge of the security challenges. Tech Giants keep propounding on bringing the technological sophistication in the world of automobiles with the assistance of the most trustworthy & accurate biometric technology.

Adopting biometrics for automobiles is like blending technology with biology to bring into a safer, opportune and reliable experience to the users. From the lens of automotive engineers, precisely determining the car driver will play a crucial role in boosting the security of automobiles from the possible risk of theft.

Today biometrics technology has taken the world by storm and looking at this trend, the technicians of an automobile industry envisaged that by 2022 the users will drive cars furnished with the robust biometric identification system.

From car engine ignition to door lock/unlock; biometric modalities such as fingerprint, facial & iris recognition is bringing a mojo to the motor vehicle industry.

Automotive Biometrics: Become the Key of Your Car

Automobile theft seems to be a substantial nuisance, especially in the isolated areas of the cities as the conventional key lock and the contemporary keyless remote system fails to offer a sturdy security solution.

Consequently, a reliable, robust and legitimate security solution, which does not depend upon a key or keyless radio wave, is desirable for tighter vehicle security. Such security will only be furnished by the biometric technology as the driver’s physical attributes like a fingerprint, iris or facial image will act as a unique key that cannot be duplicated or embezzled.

Biometrics: Setting a Brave New World of Automotive Industry

Biometric is a ceaselessly expanding technology at a breakneck speed, setting its foot in varied industries and finding applications in multiple sectors, ranging from banking & finance, education, small to large enterprises, hospitality and tourism, law enforcement, healthcare, insurance, retail, government initiatives to aviation.

The word “biometrics” means analysis of the biological traits of an individual i.e. permitting an authorized person to perform the defined task based on the verification of the user through his/her fingerprint, iris or facial recognition technique. The integration of biometric technology in the automotive industry is apparently called ‘Automotive Biometrics.

The Indian auto industry anticipates observing the momentum of upsurge in the year 2019-2020, to intensify the mobility experience of the users. Biometric identification & authentication practice offers a bouquet of applications to the vehicle owners such as validating, authenticating and allowing vehicle access to an authorized driver only.

Standard Application of Biometrics in Automotive Industry

For most of the security related questions raised in automobile sector, biometric identification is the only solution that can be made applicable for numerous purposes. Automotive Biometrics can extensively be implemented to reduce the risk of theft by permitting only an authorized car owner/driver to lock and unlock the car door by enabling a keyless entry.

Furthermore, only an authorized person will be able to start or stop the car through biometric ignition fingerprint identification system as the engine will only start after receiving biometric details of a registered authorized individual. The standard applications of automotive biometrics are:-

Secure access control system for the vehicle

Biometric fingerprint, face or iris scanner to lock and unlock the car door i.e. secure door access control system.

To start the car engine with biometric scanning of the driver, which means it promotes ignition permission.

Automotive Biometrics: The Future Car Key

Cars have a paramount importance to the world at large as automobiles enable a commuter to move about places with comfort and swiftness. Now imagine the integration of a cutting edge biometric technology with the sophisticated automotive technology to offer safe & sound driving experience, enriched car safety and authorized vehicle access.

Biometric vehicle access control system employing the fingerprint, face or iris scanners is utilized in the auto manufacturing industry for multiple security reasons, prominently for the identification of drivers.

As per the Dec 2018 ZDNet reports, Hyundai will substitute car keys with the biometric fingerprint scan for the Santa Fe model to be launched in 2019. The automakers stated that they are going to install the biometric fingerprint scanners for locking or unlocking the car’s door and the engine ignition to start the car.

According to the sources, the leading auto manufacturer companies like Chrysler and Jaguar Land Rover are looking forward to implement facial recognition technology for their latest edition of car models to boost the driving experience and safety of the vehicle.

Benefits of Automotive Biometrics

What do you think will be advantages of identifying a person and confirming that he/she is the owner or driver of the car? Let us have a look at the exciting perks of biometric vehicle access control system:-

Highly accurate identification process

Relatively quicker processing requests

Least probability of breach of security

Easily tracks unauthorized access

Adds an extra level of security

Protects the vehicle against theft

Identity Matters

The identity of every individual is unique and a person’s body can truly act as a password for authenticating his/her identity. Biometric technology has left its footprint in diverse sectors and now is the time it shall step into the automotive industry.

As per the reports by Markets and Markets, the global automotive biometrics market is assumed to flourish at a CAGR of 14.06% over the period from 2016 to 2021. Within the next ten years, biometric identification based ignition system and locks for car doors will become the standard features of a car.


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