Biometrics in Contract & Labour Management System

Marshalling contractors and labourers are arduous for many leading Industries, Enterprises & Organizations when the light comes on managing their workforce. Contract & Labour Management System subside the task of keeping track over the temporary labourers. Moreover, handling the payroll of such temporary labourers becomes quite strenuous at times. The Contract and labour management system keep an eye on permanent as well as non-permanent labourers by recording the in and out time.

Bringing Biometrics into play, nearly all the stumbling blocks prevailing in the management of the labourers and contractors can be brought to an end. Biometrics coupled with Contract and Labour management system will not only master the overall process but also mitigate malpractice. Once the system adopts Biometrics technology, all the managerial operations from acquiring proper manpower, eliminating improper billing to managing statistics of each temporary or regular manpower become manageable with just one tap of worker’s fingertip.

Pounding on the Conventional Practices

The standard practice of administering the workforce had a multitude of setbacks. The conventional process was not proficient to achieve efficiently Clock-In and Clock-Out time of the labourers. Resultantly, the number of working man-hours of labourers was difficult to point out.

The major drawback of the old school labour management practice was exercising command over the compensation of the labourers hired for a short span. An absolute solution to all these inconveniences related to the Labour Management can be removed by our Contract Labour Management System with additional benefit in managing daily wages, health care protection compensation, leave allowances to record maintenance and more.

Implementation of the Solution

For harnessing the best methods in labour management, one needs to utilise Biometrics technology in Contract Labour Management operations. The Biometrics traits of every worker/labourer or contractor must be achieved via the Biometric device to do the mapping of biometric data for registration and validation of an individual.

The human resource department may retain the particulars about the unique identity of all the regular and temporary labourers/workers. The system ensures that only registered and authorized labourers can obtain access to the premises proclaiming enhanced security. Subsequently, just the sanctioned labourers will be permitted to enter in the premises by the firm’s authorities.

Benefits of the Contract and Labour Management System for Any Enterprise

Enterprise with the revolutionary technologies like Biometric Contract & Labour Management System may prove to be an astounding transition for improving the productivity. One can attain the entire picture of the profits gained from the solution such as:-

Systematic registration of the labourers or contractors via Biometric machine by marking down the Clock-In and Clock-Out time.

Restriction on Proxy attendance by the co-workers.

Allowing a batch of authorized labourers and contractor only to access the premises in a given time frame.

Put an end to any sort of malpractices in wages and calculation in working days.

The solution brings security and productivity.

Acquiring information about the individual labourer or worker becomes tremendously easier.

With the advanced and innovative technological progression in the contemporary business era, it is obvious to say that Biometrics solutions will be employed at a lot of workplaces for improvising security and productivity of businesses.


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