Citizen Identification Solution

A Step Towards Secure, Reliable and Future-proof Citizen Identity Solution

Citizen Identification Solution is gaining a lot of attention from multiple countries across the Globe to ease the management of social welfare schemes regulated by the Government. Our solution will support Biometric authentication and authorization process of an individual identity facilitating Government with single window personal identity verification. It can be widely applicable for Resident Card, Passport, Visa, Citizen ID, Vehicle Registration, National ID, Healthcare and much more.

Our Citizen ID Solution is advantageous for the Government to make the citizen’s identification cycle of registering, authorizing, identifying and administrating more efficiently in today’s globalized world. Our solution will connect the citizens to the Government imparting an assured, reliable and effective verification process.

What is in the Solution?

Citizen Identification Solution can be also considered as National Identification Management System. The objective of our solution is to aid the Government in securing identity administration program. Our intention is to mitigate inaccuracy and offer a reliable, risk-free digital identity authentication system. The solution provides Supports and facilities in creating the reliable citizen identity documents for an individual.

Application of the Solution

In recent times, verification of a person is significant and our Citizen Identification Solution uses Biometrics to support the Government in Civil Verification, Social welfare schemes, and criminal identification, registration for a driving license, ration card, Passport, issuing Visa, and much more. Our citizen identity solution offers Seamless registration, verification, and authentication of an individual’s identity to facilitate the Government programs with the Advance technology for Citizen Identification.


Solution uses various authentication method such as fingerprint, iris and face detection for unique identification of individuals.

The solution can be utilized for the following range of citizen Identity application:-

Driving License


Vehicle Registration Card

Resident ID

Commodity Distribution

Healthcare Solutions

Better Learning

What the Solution Provides?

Solution provides single window Seamless citizen Identity verification process

It has a Faultless Verification system for citizen identification

Solution can accommodate the custom requirement for identity solution

Solution is having high scalability

Future proof citizen identity solution for long-term identification


Managing the vast data records of each and every citizen is critical. Citizen Identification System facilitates easy, transparent and reliable processes for citizen registration and authentication. Here are a few benefits that can be achieved using our Citizen Identification System:-

Future-Proof Identification Security:- In the 21st century, one needs a trusted identification system for uniquely identifying an individual citizen. Our citizen Identification System offers advanced security solution keeping in mind the emerging needs of the modernized society.

Simplified Verification Process:- Our citizen identity management system makes the verification process quite simpler than the traditional process. Now, the procedure requires just fingerprint or IRIS or face detection technique for citizen enrollment.

Reducing Fraud:- Fraudsters today need to be outsmarted with the latest technology that guarantees security to a higher level. With the conventional identification process, cases of data leak were noted that can be eliminated using our Citizen Identification solution.

Protects the Privacy of an Individual:- Data for every individual remains safe and secured with the help of our Biometric devices as the process is quite dependable.

Beneficial to Government:- Our Biometric Solution will help the Government reduce the expenses increasing confidence in any national credentialing system.

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    Please send us more details about your Citizen Identification solution. Is this an application embedded in your MFSTAB? Can the MFSTAB capture a photograph via a built-in camera?


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