Citizen Identification through Biometrics for Voter Registration

Every person is distinct from the other one and has an unmatched personality trait which can be differentiated by their identity. Consequently, the Citizen identification of an individual holds unique significance in the eyes of human civilization as it provides specialized merit of the right to vote to the citizens. A person is identified through his ID and only that person who is holding an authentic ID is permitted to franchise in the electoral activity of his/her Nation.

Election or voting is the fundamental democratic process of any country that sanctions the citizens with a right to make a choice their own government. The selected government’s duty is to work for the protection of the citizens and their rights throughout the dominance period.

Elections are plated up to serve the self-cognition motive of the Nation by respecting the value and prestige of the individual citizen as a human being.  With the rise of advanced biometric technology, it is possible to enable a quick and accurate voting process by identifying the voters correctly. Many sovereign countries have adopted the biometric technology for registration & identification of an individual.

Why the Need Arises to Modernize the Identification Process for Voting

According to Indian Constitution, each and every Indian resident exceeding the age limit of 18 years and who has successfully registered himself/herself as a genuine voter is considered to be an eligible voting candidate. During the course of an election, the government, as well as an election commission, seek for a fast, accurate & reliable voter registration process at electoral polls.

The fair contribution of citizens in bringing a righteous government into power is only viable if the voters are identified precisely in order to mitigate malpractices.

The election process in under-developed countries is carried out with the traditional methods because due to the lower economy, they have a tight budget to conduct the voting procedure. On the other side, the developing and developed sovereign states have started implementing cutting edge technologies to support credible and just electoral exercise. However, in a few provinces, the voters are provided the right to vote by virtue of the internet.

‘One Person, One Vote’ motto also referred to as ‘One Man, One Vote’ is what the governance of all nations strive to exercise. However, it may seem far from reality to achieve it for the economies in which the electoral system is impaired. It is very easy for con artists to take advantage of these imperfections in the election system and tamper the outcome.

For instance, flaws in the course of a voter registration system can cause electoral deceit such as manifold voter registrations, erroneous registration of ineligible voters and voting by under age populace, etc.

Biometrics At the Service of Electoral Process: From Voter Registration to Authentication

As we stand on the brink of technological revolution, highly sophisticated biometric technology is winning the hands down in multiple economies and diverse industries. Election system is the cornerstone of every nation’s sovereignty and hence in order to shield & preserve the election process, enactment of cutting edge biometric technology for voter registration & identification is prudent.

The conventional voting is a slow-moving voter identification activity which also needs plenty of manual efforts in identifying the voters with ID cards or any other paper-based approach. Most of the countries throughout the world employ paper-based Voter ID cards for the electoral process which is now deemed as a traditional method. Such a standard practice can assist the defrauders to duplicate anybody else’ voter ID card and misuse it by forging an identity.

To carry out legitimate elections, the election commission’s officials in various sovereign countries are turning towards an innovative biometric technology for voter registration & identification. Biometrics is regarded to be the future of human identification in the view of the fact that it is a rapid, precise and effective technique.

Support the Emergence of a Modern Nation through Secure Electoral Process

Biometric technology is extensively employed to carry out the voter registration procedure in Latin America and Africa. The application of biometric fingerprint scanner makes the election authorities able to register new voters, update the voter data correctly and carry the voting operation efficiently by executing a rational identification voter activity.

Biometric identification asks a question ‘Who the Voter is?’ and in order to seek the answer biometric devices captures the voters’ fingerprint and look up for all the stored biometric data to identifies if there is a match. The process of finding the right match from the stored data in the database is referred to as 1:N matching where N refers to the total number of records present in the database.

In this manner, biometric fingerprint sensors hold a power to change the way citizens are registered and identified for carrying out speedy, transparent and credible electoral system.

Benefits of Biometric Technology in Voter’s Registration and Identification

To bring into a fair, transparent and credible voting process, it is essential to adopt biometric technology in weeding out the ineligible and fraud voters to vote. A robust, credible and field-proven voter’s identification has plus points as mentioned herein:-

Seamless voters’ identification process through biometrics

Supports faultless verification of the voters

Offers high scalability

Easily tracks unauthorized access

Curb duplicate registration

Establish rapid and accurate voting identification

Biometric technology offers easy and ergonomical registration & identification voting process

Safeguard the demographic code of principles

Sustain integrity & reliability of electoral system

Biometric voter registration & identification system offers a justified ultra-modern registration, verification, and authentication of an individual’s identity to facilitate the Government with the trustworthy technique of identifying the voters.


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