How Facial Recognition System is Making Its Mark

Face Recognition solution based on Biometrics technology is extensively embrace across the globe for it being the most reliable, faster and leading-edge technology in the current era. A facial recognition system records the facial contours of an individual to verify and authenticate him/her based on the process of image analysis.

Amongst various Biometrics modalities i.e. fingerprint, face, palm vein, iris and voice recognition, the facial recognition mode seems to be the quick and faultless method of image analysis.

Multiple industries of various Countries have started adopting the Biometric facial recognition technology for an errorless identification and authentication of an individual. The face recognition system has predominantly brought into the effective action at Airports, Schools, Colleges, Corporate, Enterprise, small to large Organizations, Hospitals and several other domains together with the Government offices.

What Lies Ahead for Facial Recognition System?

Facial recognition mode of human identification and authentication makes the lives of human as easy as pie and most of the countries have started embracing it for multiple purposes.

Furthermore, the Biometric face recognition technology has a variety of applications ranging from access control, civil applications, forensic applications, smart home applications to healthcare, banking and commercial applications.

In the realm of social interactions, human face plays a critical role in recognizing the identity of an Individual. Consequently, instead or remembering passwords and PINs, employing human face as a key to security. Accordingly, the face recognition system has become worthy of attention for its potentiality for a wide range of applications in both the non-law enforcement and law enforcement.

Applications of Facial Recognition System

Face recognition technology when confronted with the real world scenarios are made applicable for the following purposes in multiple industries:-

Law-enforcement applications in identifying the felons, crime investigation through forensic applications and much more.

Civil applications such as National IDs, border control security, surveillance at public places, passport, and so on.

Face recognition access control and face time attendance system in ports, plants, warehouses, business, enterprise, organizations, etc.

Security applications at hospitals, commerce, banking, and many other applications.

Wide-reaching applications of face-based retailing such as Retail stores, restaurants, movie theatres hotels and likewise.

Smart home applications utilizing the security systems with face recognition.

Government offices and Education departments such as schools and universities.

Scope of Biometrics Face Recognition in India

Biometrics based face recognition system has the potential to detect the human face irrespective of their position, facial expression, scale, illumination, in-plane rotation pose, age and skin tone.

India is going green by adopting the advanced paperless technologies in different sectors inclusive of the tourism and transport industries. Recently, the Indian Security Agency has announced to deploy Facial Recognition System for International flights.

A couple of months ago, Hyderabad Airport announced to initiate the Biometrics Face Recognition technique for an end-to-end paperless air travel solution. As a result, passengers at both of these Indian Airports will no longer be needed to carry boarding Pass for verification of their Identity.

World Wide Potential of Biometrics Face Recognition

According to the recent sources, Arkansas and New York district schools are looking forward for the implementation of facial recognition system in education along with the machine learning algorithms for the purpose of identification to enhance safety.

Moreover, the face unlock technique replaces the fingerprint scanners coupled with the smartphones to unlock the screen and various other functionalities.

Benefits of Face Recognition Technique

The facial recognition technology proves to be noteworthy for businesses, enterprises, organizations, corporate and multiple diversified sectors in terms of:-

Easy Integration

Eliminates the time fraud

Automates the process of identification

High accuracy rates

Adds an extra level of security

How Mantra Face Scanner Differ from Others?

Mantra has a broad range of innovative products with a team of proficient engineers furnishing state-of-the-art biometric devices such as a fingerprint scanner, IRIS scanner and Facial recognition. Our devices are available individually as well as an all-in-one device combining all the modalities into one is also accessible which is known as an integrated device.

Mantra facial recognition devices are unimaginably flexible and accurate that reflects extensively in its varied applications. Our face scanner comes with a cutting-edge camera quality to precisely capture the facial contours of a human.

Mantra facial recognition products are blessed with the lesser processing time delivering the faster results. Our products offer high-level security rendering low-cost without affecting the functioning of your business or Organization.


Focusing on the emerging security concerns and a profound market demand for highly reliable security solutions, Biometrics has moved beyond the fingerprint and iris recognition process by introducing facial recognition systems.

Biometric facial recognition furnishes an incredible amount of security and safety across a panoramic span of verticals.


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