Biometrics in Human Resource Management System

Role of Biometrics in HR Management

Globalization is increasing abruptly, consequently various Organizations and Enterprises are expanding worldwide breaking the geographical barriers. Such Organizations, Enterprises or Businesses need to be aware of issues faced in monitoring personnel activities in the premises to overcome the challenges of HR professionals. However, reshaping the organizational values, achieving staff member satisfaction and scaling the success of transformations are the roles of human resource professionals in the present-day workplace.

HR Managers have a broad range of functions to be performed that include time & attendance, leave management, payroll management, calculating compensation & benefits, grievance management, report management and much more. However, the Human Resource Management System contours integration between human resource management and Biometrics technology.

Biometrics technology is utilized to register, verify and authenticate a person based upon his/her physical attributes – that are unique for an individual. Biometrics based innovative devices offer a secure solution that cannot be stolen, lost or forgotten, thus biometrics play a vital role in human resource management.

Role of Biometrics in HR Management

Human Resource Management System utilizing biometrics system offers a real-time solution to the HR managers or professionals supplementing the conventional practices of HR analytics. The system simplifies multiple tasks of HR department that offers various human resource management solutions based on Biometrics that include:

Biometric Attendance System

Payroll Management System

Visitor Management System

Canteen Management System

Document Management System

1. Biometrics Attendance System

Biometric attendance system has become an integral part of numerous companies to record and register the employee attendance in supplementation of the conventional practice followed ordinarily. Biometrics technology assists the HR managers in maintaining a transparent employee attendance system, limiting the buddy-punching, saving the time of HR and enriching employee punctuality to operate the HR management process systematically.

2. Payroll Management System

In truth, Payroll management system is to bring ease in the lives of HR professionals. Implemented with the Biometrics attendance system, an HR professional can effectively manage the payroll of employees. It provides the functionality of maintaining a centralized data management system from any location. Such user-friendly feature gives assistance to HR managers in auto-generating the salaries of employees from several departments on the basis of their clock-in and clock-out time.

3. Visitor Management System

As a matter of fact, security concerns are indispensable for the growth and management of any organization, enterprise or business. For this reason, it becomes vital to have a secure, reliable and scalable visitor management system to track and monitor every person visiting the firm. Biometrics based Visitor Management System provides a comprehensive security solution in a nutshell for dim and distant authorization, rendering access control to the visitors and maintaining their record.

4. Canteen Management System

The canteen management system utilizing Biometrics technology simplifies the operation of data processing for HR professionals and improves productivity. The system further facilitates accurate, automatic and timely deduction of the canteen expenses from the respective employees’ salary. In fact, Human resource department requires a user-friendly interface to manage the accounting details and the canteen management system offers a perfect solution to it.

5. Document Management System

Furthermore, with the advancement in networking and digitization, maintaining official documents in the computer considerably increase the working efficiency. And the utilization of the document management system by HR professional renders orderly inventory and document arrangements to reduce the document processing time, increase data security, and avoid loss of valuable document, data or information.

Key Features of the Human Resource Management System

As far as the functioning of HR department of any Organization, Enterprise or Business is a matter of concern, the application of Biometrics technology grants lavish additional features to the HR professionals to make every task easier and efficient. Subsequently, the Human Resource Management System renders basic features such as:

Accurate Identification of personnel

Enhanced accountability

Easy-to-use devices



Offers better security solution

Convenient and safe to use


Human Resource Management System integrated with Biometric device records and registers the time-attendance of employees controls employee access, manages payroll of personnel with higher accuracy, closely monitoring visitor activities, efficiently conducts canteen management processes and all this requires just one-time investment that will be around for years down the line.


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