IOT with Biometrics


Internet of things (IOT) devices are the endpoint devices and physical objects connected to the internet. Biometrics is the most unique way of authentication which uses a person’s unique attributes like iris, fingerprints etc. The combination of IOT and biometrics can take the security to the next level which will be more secure.

The fusion of IOT and biometrics will also lead to enhancing technology usage experience for example if someone enters a door after punching in biometrics then the smart speaker like Alexa or Echo will let you know about it or the speech recognition can let you access through the door installed with the biometric system.

Apart from this, there will be a need to make the marriage of IOT and biometric more secured so that it should not be prone to hacking attacks. The application of biometrics will reach a new high with multiple applications in mobile communications, more secured banking, education, automobiles, home security, health care and lots more. With the rise in applications, the main concern will be data security because as a user it will be a complex thing to control the data sharing when the number of applications will be too much.

The technology needs to be more secure and easy for the users to keep the data uncompromised. All in all the IOT and biometrics will make a great pair to ease out the lives of the users.


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