Parking Management System

Hassle-free Parking Management Solution

Parking management system streamlines the parking operations with the advent in the proliferation of biometric modalities. In an era of raging parking issues, optimal usage of parking space and the abruptness to park vehicles are critical factors. Technology-based Parking Management System is an automated solution that provides an advance and rapid solution, right from an entry in the parking area to the exit.

Optimizing the parking space for vehicles is still a problematic area for businesses, Government, various public places as well as Municipal authorities in multiple cities across India. Biometrics based Parking Management System offers a productive implementation of the parking resources.

Parking solution utilizing Biometrics technology eases people’s task of finding safe parking spots in real time by introducing smarter parking into the world at large. The System also helps an individual to pre-book the parking spot from the distant area, reducing traffic congestion and allowing a user to know the availability of parking space in advance.

Hassle-free Parking Management Solution

Parking Management System lessens the time and boosts the efficiency of the current parking management. In overpopulated cosmopolitan zones, parking strategies must be well-implemented for efficient vehicle management.

Biometrics based parking management solution provides specifications of the vacant parking slots in the vicinity and overcomes the traffic issues due to illegal parking in the vicinity. It is designed with an aspiration to meet the requirements of controlled parking that grants effortless parking tactics to the authorities.

How Does it Offer a Solution?

Parking Management System offers a real-time solution to both – the parking lot owner and the vehicle owner as it facilitates hassle free vehicles parking and subdues parking management costs. The system provides multiple solutions that include:

On-street Parking Management System

Integration of access control and security elements such as CCTV for surveillance. RFID, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and more

Parking Guidance System

Valet Parking System

Biometrics – Extending the Operations

Parking Management System utilizes IOT, RFID and Biometric technology, that lets the user utilize parking areas proficiently, reducing time to search the free parking spaces. Biometrics offer a comprehensive parking management system design, for consummate parking solution through an integrated system coupled with the advanced technology.

Key Features of Parking Management System

Parking management system renders a one-stop parking solution, offering an end-to-end user and operator management solution with ultra-modern features such as:-

Real-time counting of the parked vehicles

Helpful in detecting lost or stolen vehicles

Maintain a record of the number of parking slots

Provides user management solutions via alert notification

Easy identification of paid or unpaid vehicles

Easy verification of the parked vehicles with the help of ANPR

System back-up for entries and exits of the vehicles

Prevent long queue of cars forming at the entrance of the public places

How Biometrics can Leverage the Prevailing Parking System?

Biometrics can enhance the prevailing parking practices overcoming all its drawbacks. A parking management system can significantly improve the economics of constructing new parking by providing greater turnover in the facility — rather than one user per day a facility may service multiple users.  For example, a parking lot for transit users during the day can be used by restaurant customers at night.

Shared parking is based on the concept of using the same parking spaces for two or more different land at different times with the help of scalable and reliable devices relied completely on Biometrics technology.


Adopting parking management system significantly reduces the amount of time consumed in seeking the parking space, renders valuable data upon the availability of the parking area, accurate mapping of the parking space, offers guidance and suggestion for proper vehicle parking.


  • Mahesh

    am looking for an app based parking solution for my organisation in bangalore, this should be a live environment tracking where the employees will keep getting triggers over the phone during travel

  • Piyush Patel

    I say if we manage any thing in our life it will gonna make it good and up to date here we talk about cars and I believe that like me you guys also like cars and give a space of you life to enjoy but when there is no management we can make mess to anything no matter it will be an expensive car of any other object. After going through your blog I realize that parking management systems are most important to us in terms of safety and to avoid conjestion. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Mamta Sharma

    Employees can easily monitor availability in the parking garage and make a reservation from their computer or smartphone. The system will automatically identify parking at maximum capacity, limiting entry to only vehicles having a reservation, by monitoring reservations and cars already in the facility.

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    Thank you for the informative great piece of content and I appreciate the effort you have made about Parking Management Software. Our world class parking management software will help you to run and manage a parking management business from any part of the world.

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    Im looking for parking solution in which a display shows how many car parking slots are availabel. Display should be at a entrance so that one can know is there any parking avaliable in that parking area

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