Top 10 Features for Choosing Visitor Management System

10 Must have Features for Right Visitor Management System

In the modern-day workplace, ‘Safety and Security’ is not just a platitude but a way of securing the premises, workforce, and assets. Nowadays, enterprises, whether they are private or government, industries or ports, hospitals or schools, small or large, require safeguarding their premises from incidents like industrial espionage, workplace violence, terrorism, etc.

The premises of any organization or industry do not necessarily have only its staff or workforce but also have numerous visitors visiting daily. For instance, at hospitals, people paying a visit to patients, medical representatives, vendors, laborers, etc. are deemed as visitors. While corporate offices regard contractors, suppliers, lawyers, or anyone other than worker as a visitor.

As identification and verification of all these visitors become imperative, various industries & corporate hubs are realizing the necessity for espousing automated & accessible visitor management system (also known as VMS).

However, just enacting the latest VMS is not adequate, but choosing a righteous and appropriate visitor management system is predominant.

What Should You Look into Before Picking up a Visitor Management System?

Are you casting around for a visitor management system which does not just enroll visitors, track their activities on the premises, but also offers various compelling features?

Selecting a VMS which is better for a few reasons but does not necessarily fulfil other VMS requirements is not commendable. Hence, you need to pick an optimum visitor management solution, which is scalable, reliable, and tailor-made as per your needs.

Listed here are some of not to be missed traits or features that you must take into consideration before picking a VMS for your enterprise or premises.

1. Biometrics : For Secure Visitor Check-In Process

Enterprises or establishments with large premises like hospitals, government places, plants, ports; where a massive number of people visit on a day-to-day basis, identification of all these visitors become obligatory. Ergo, conventional paper-based visitor log-book has remained as bygone at such places with the introduction of biometric identification technology based VMS.

The next-generation biometric-based VMS enrolls and identifies every visitor by his/her physical attributes like a fingerprint, IRIS, and facial images. Biometric visitor tracking system offers high-level security, utmost accuracy, and saves time as the visitor identification process takes a couple of seconds to complete.

2. Cloud : To Access Data Anywhere, Anytime

The cloud-based visitor management system is nothing but cloud-computing technology based software that stores the requisite records of visitors on a cloud server. Mantra’s cloud-based VMS allows you to access visitors’ data remotely from anywhere at any time from the cloud database.

3. Scalability

With enterprises growing in sizes, they require streamlining their visitor tracking solution and must be able to efficiently carry-out large-scale visitor data operations. Thus, scalability is one of the must-have traits of any VMS so that the system can fulfil the needs of growing organizations by offering ease and greater security.

To comply with the requirements of small to large organizations, Mantra’s offers a scalable VMS to manage the visitor’s identities securely.

4. Degree of Security

While choosing a VMS, one of the crucial attributes you need to look upon is the degree of security that is the capability of equating overall physical security. For improved security, accurately determining the identity of an individual is a prime concern. Mantra created a robust biometric-enabled VMS to offer a higher level of protection.

5. Custom Reports

Your VMS system should have a trait of generating customized visitor reports rendering visitors data like a day of the visit, stay-time on the premises, etc. Mantra’s VMS turns out to be an ideal visitor tracking solution that provides rich, detailed & real-time visitor data via custom reports in distinct formats like Excel, PDF, CSV, etc.

6. Third-Party Integration

If you are seeking a future-oriented VMS, then how well your system integrates with different solutions is a prime factor of consideration. Mantra’s VMS is a modernize solution which can be integrated with various security tools/solutions like Access Control System for augmented security.

7. Customizable

An all-inclusive visitor management solution may offer you remarkable features while it may fail in meeting some of your requirements. Hence, you must consider choosing a customizable VMS for your business/enterprise. Mantra’s biometric-enabled, cloud-based VMS is an entirely customizable solution designed to meet all your needs.

8. Ease of Use

Your VMS must be user-friendly and shall provide ease of utilization. Mantra presents an easy-to-use visitor management system that covers features like instant host notification, pre-booking visitors, generation of visitors E-pass, visitors self check-in via kiosk and more.

9. Speed

If you entertain a large number of visitors every day, then the speed at which you need to sign visitors into your premises is significant. Hence, you must choose a system which quickly enrolls/registers your visitors without creating a long queue at the front desk.

10. Affordable

Choosing a cost-effective VMS with all the essential features from an ocean of VMS vendor is a smart choice.


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