The Most Iconic Biometric Innovations of 2019

Biometric Technology in 2019

As a decade of Biometrics is coming to an end with the ending of 2019, we come up with some of this year’s astounding innovations in the next-gen biometric technology. There has been a marked shift in biometric technology, which has helped many industries in bringing security transformation at an accelerated pace throughout the year.

The 2019’s top 8 innovations in the field of biometrics are listed underneath:

1. Biometric Single Sign-On (SSO)

Biometric Single Sign-On (SSO)

Though biometric SSO is not a new concept, many enterprises & organizations have realized the great potential of biometric SSO this year, turning towards its adoption for greater security. Biometric-based Single Sign-On (SSO) solution allows users to sign-in their session/system utilizing their fingerprint, IRIS, or facial biometrics, making the process more secure and simplistic. It brings convenience and ease to users by eliminating the need for remembering passwords/PINs for multiple accounts.

2. Biometric and AI-based Security Systems

With the growing predominance of biometrics in security and surveillance applications around the globe and advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with machine learning, AI-powered biometrics has begun crystallizing in 2019. The US Govt. already started making utilization of AI cameras & biometric systems for border control security to track those who are crossing boundaries without legal documents. Let’s see how AI & biometrics change the face of fintech, automotive, law enforcement, education, & healthcare sectors across the globe in the upcoming year.

Biometric and AI-based Security Systems

3. Mobile Facial Recognition

Mobile Facial Recognition

The mobile developers have come up with the integration of de-duplicators and 1:1 or 1:N matcher in smartphones this year, taking mobile security to the new level. There has been a rise in the implementation of facial recognition in smartphones an alternative to unlocking the device instead of fingerprint/PINs. Apple’s 3D scanning and Face ID technique in smartphones is the best instance.

4. Behavioral Biometrics and Beyond

The behavioral biometrics recognizes or identifies an individual based on his/her behavior which comprises voice, signature, emotions, keystroke, posture, etc. The behavioral biometrics holds great potential in the future if being implemented at airports for catching offenders or violators with suspicious behavior. Moreover, behavioral CRM will assist in enhancing the customer experience by knowing if he/she is frustrated, angry, etc. with products/services and improve it.

Behavioral Biometrics and Beyond

5. IRIS Recognition Arriving for Cattle Identification

IRIS Recognition Arriving for Cattle Identification

Biometric-based iris recognition technology for cattle identification is one of the great innovations of the year. Using state-of-the-art biometric IRIS technology, insurance companies can accurately identify the right cattle of the owner before settling the claim. Facial/IRIS recognition of animals can also help in accurately identifying the endangered species to keep a count of them. One of the leading Indian biometric firms - Mantra Softech holds the capabilities of designing and developing such an innovative & advanced biometric-based IRIS recognition system for cattle identification.

6. Facial Recognition-based VR

This year, the combination of next-gen Virtual Reality (VR) technology & biometrics became the talk of the tech industry. Biometric identification, when blended with VR, can bring an ultimate consumer experience and trust in CRM by adding rigorous security protocols for device authentication & consumer identification. In the fast-changing digital landscape, some of eCommerce and the banking firms are enabling face biometrics-based virtual tour/virtual try-on features to enhance the customer experience.

Facial Recognition-based VR

7. Rise of Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

Rise of Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

The new revolutionary ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are gaining a lot of popularity since the beginning of the year. This avant-grade technology utilizes the ultrasonic sound pressure waves to map the 3D ridges and valleys of an individual’s fingerprint to achieve greater biometric identification speed & precision. The novel in-display fingerprint detection feature in modern smartphones utilizes the cutting-edge ultrasonic fingerprint sensors to provide ultimate speed and convenience to users.

8. Blockchain and Biometrics for Security Enhancement

The combination of biometrics and blockchain redefines the way an individual is identified and authenticated. Biometrics with the blockchain arrives as the new technology in the tech space to offer greater security, better scalability and address the rising concerns of privacy protection.

Blockchain and Biometrics for Security Enhancement


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