Why Border Gate Security System is Imperative for Airports?

Biometric Border Gate System Improving Airport Security

Biometrics border gate security systems have leveraged the Biometric technology that is extensively adopted by the Airports worldwide. Securing and controlling the border is a major concern for any country focusing on the security prospective. Consequently, reliable, precise and streamlined identification of incoming as well as outgoing passengers is desirable at the airports.

Shedding light on the Biometric border control security system, this technology has made the identification and authentication of an individual quite accurate and speedy. As our society becomes electronically connected to form a secured place to live in, accurate security process through biometrics personal identification has become an integral part of diversified infrastructure and sectors.

Securing the Airports

At the airports, Live biometric capture through fingerprint and face recognition techniques can be processed for the travellers for smoother and time-saving travel experience. A Border gate security system protects the territory of the Nation from the illegal intrusions through seamless monitoring of the suspicious activities at the Airport.

Recently, the Government of India has announced paperless procedure for the passengers boarding at the domestic airports. Passenger’s face will be used as their boarding pass as the Soon, biometrics system is going to roll out at the airports of the cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi, Vijayawada, and Hyderabad.

In fact, the Bengaluru International Airport has planned to adopt the biometric facial recognition system at the airport early next year, making the boarding and immigration process time-saving, secure and accurate.

Tailor Made Border Security Solution

In today’s world, Biometrics based Access Control system, Handheld Card Readers, Door control, E-gate, Immigration check, Border access control and Integrated Biometric Security Solutions can be a great help to the airport authorities offering a reliable security solution. Biometric border control gate system captures the fingerprint and facial images of the travellers at the security check, boarding gate & other checkpoints strengthening the security and protecting the borders effectively.

Moreover, the automated biometric border control gates or immigration gates can reduce lengthy passenger queues by quick verification and identification process through biometrics. However, Cross-border security is imperative to capture suspicious behavior at the airport, criminal elements, illegal crossings, smuggling, forged Identities and so on.

The biometric border control security system provides the seamless, scalable solution that supports operational consistency across the inspection points ranging from boarding, immigration to security checks notwithstanding the volume of the travellers or the location.

Prevent the Entry of Forbidden Travellers

The border gate security solution inspects various cynical activities, prohibited entries, trespass, loitering and stranded objects at the airport to identify the cross-border offences and criminals. An advanced biometrics detection technique helps to secure the front-end systems to back-end customs.

Rapid and Reliable Clearance on Border Checks

Biometrics technology integrated with the security solution can act as a tower of strength for a secure and speedy passenger clearance process at the checkpoints. The border gate security management system manages passenger flow at the immigration providing faster clearance solution.

Better Security Screening

Border biometrics security systems are employed to identify, manage and track the flow of travellers at the airport security checkpoints.

Reduces Trans-Border Crime

An illegitimate crossing of the international border is one of the biggest perturbs concerning national security. Millions and billions of people travel internationally crossing the borders through flights keeping airport checkpoints most hustling. Hence, implementing biometrics border gate security at the airport can reduce the trans-border intrusion or criminal activities as it takes the fingerprint or facial impression of an individual for verification.

Fast and Convenient Self-Boarding

With the implementation of the biometrics security management system, seamless self-boarding services can be achieved for faster & efficient boarding and immigration process.


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    Thanks for your blog.It's valuable that you mention that automatic gates can help make your property more secure. I care a lot about keeping my family safe, so I'm considering having automatic gates installed at the end of my driveway.

  • Mia Evans

    I like that you talked about how automated border control gates would be able to reduce the long lines or queues of passengers, because verification can be identified immediately. I can imagine how important that is when it comes to business automatic gates, since they can keep customers when the process is fast and there are no waiting times. Also, aside from that, security would be heightened because there would be verification processes in place.


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