Why to Use Biometric Attendance System for Schools?

Biometric attendance system has been successfully adopted in multiple industries for recording and storing the attendance of employees or visitors currently. In fact, as clichéd as it may sound that the biometric attendance management system is utilized at Enterprises or Organizations only to record the employee’s attendance was the talk of the past.

With the technological shift and advancement of new technologies, schools have initiated to employ real-time Biometric attendance system for accurate, reliable and robust students’ time and attendance management system.

Biometric attendance system provides a comprehensive time-attendance and security solution to the school authorities. Monitoring student’s attendance is becoming an essential part of a productive and practical school management system. Biometric Time and attendance system also streamlines communication and accountability of school authorities along with the parents by notifying them with their child’s daily attendance.

Manual Attendance System – The Baggage of Past

Maintaining attendance of the students with roster is often regarded as a cumbersome task for the school authorities. The old fashioned practice of marking student attendance was comparatively time-consuming, error-prone and wide off the mark. Teachers ought to record the student attendance by calling out names of the students that often encourages the proxy attendance.

Nevertheless, latest technologies are splashing the market to provide a real-time biometric time attendance system to the schools rendering an efficient solution for managing attendance of every student conveniently.

Biometric Attendance System – Shifting Flows

The biometric fingerprint scanner or biometric iris scanner presents an absolute attendance solution class-wise or as per the requirement of the school authorities. In case of class-wise biometric attendance system when the student enters a class, his/her attendance can be incorporated based on physiological traits like fingerprint or iris. Consequently, biometric attendance solution provides instant information on any student’s weekly or monthly attendance to the school authorities or parents in no time.

Logging each and every entry manually is time-consuming and the records take up valuable space. The biometric time attendance system offers an easy-to-use fingerprint or iris biometric solution that makes recording student attendance, absences, and storing the records much simpler. Biometric time attendance machine enables:-

Scrutinizing the students’ clock-in and clock-out with no more than a click.

Beyond its abilities to record accurate attendance, it also sends daily updates to the parents about their child’s presence or absentees.

From Usual Time-Attendance to Biometrics Attendance System

Recently, the Government of India has recognized a need for implementing a biometric attendance system at various schools and colleges to curb the students from skipping the sessions. As a consequence, the Supreme Court in 2006 declared to implement Biometrics attendance system, following which 2% schools in India are utilizing the Biometrics technology for students’ attendance.

Inevitably, schools have started preferring the biometric time and attendance system to record the students’ attendance accurately, for teachers to ease the task and for parents to stay updated.

The Benefits of Biometric Attendance System for Schools

Out of the robust Biometric attendance system came forth benefits are:-

Accurate student identification

Time-saving attendance process

Accountability – eliminating the proxy attendance

Convenient for a hassle-free student attendance system

Centralized attendance record

More parental involvement via daily updates to the parents

Hassle-free attendance management system


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