5 Convincing Reasons Facial Recognition is Here to Stay

Technology runs at a very high speed and keeps evolving on a day to day basis in order to satisfy the needs of its users. Advancements such as facial recognition become more and more popular by the day and continue to expand and gain more ground.

For some people, knowing that a machine can identify you at any moment can be scary but for others, it is not only exciting but also useful. Here are some reasons that show exactly why this new technology is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

What exactly is facial recognition and how does it work?

Facial recognition is essentially a way to recognize a person’s facial features through technology. Each facial recognition system uses particular biometrics in order to map facial features from a person, which are then compared to the information stored in a database in order for a match to be made.

These systems can track the facial characteristics of a person from a picture or a video whether that is live or pre-recorded. It has many different functions in different fields and can prove to be a smart and useful investment for many companies.

1.Faster and more effective processing

Companies from all over the world use different tools, apps and software in order to make sure that all of their files are secure and their staff is working as planned. Facial recognition introduces a form of identifying threats and keeping track of employees which is very quick and effective.

Searching for the faces of the competitors and those who speak ill of a company’s name has never been easier and this can help protect a company’s reputation from the safety of its own office. The fact that this technology is so hard to fool will certainly become an advantage for every company that uses it for its speed and efficiency.

2.Maintaining and improving security

Up until now, security measures and the process of tracking someone down included going through recorded tapes, collecting fingerprints and other similar processes that required a lot of time and manpower. This technology can help save a lot of time while providing the results everyone needs in each situation.

Security is a matter that most people are concerned about in our day and time and it is only normal considering the rise in criminal activity worldwide. One of the most common issues facial recognition technology can help with is tracking down people wanted by the police and identifying criminals easily and effectively.

Along with that, it can also become easy to track missing people and children which might have been lost or kidnapped. Many cases might have been left unsolved throughout the years because no one had been able to correctly identify a person from a video. Facial recognition software will not be as prone to making such mistakes.

3.Automating identification

Automation is important when it comes to many different professions and companies. A problem that can successfully be solved thanks to facial recognition technology is the time and effort needed by security guards at various different professions.

Airports, for example, have been incorporating facial recognition technologies to their security protocols in order to be able to easily identify shoplifters, other suspicious-looking people and even those who have overstayed their visit when traveling to a certain country.

Instead of having security guards and police go through hours of footage at airports and other public places, they can now simply search for a particular face among the crowd easily. Automating identification is essential in such situations and it can prove useful if not necessary on a daily basis.

4.Improving the hiring process for companies

Another big accomplishment of facial recognition technology that has helped it establish its position in the field of business is its use in the hiring systems of many companies. No matter how good an interviewer is at their job, it is never possible for them to find everything they need about a potential employee without using some extra help.

By using face recognition technologies, companies will be able to find anything related to the person they are looking up. They will successfully be able to know whether a person is lying about certain claims in their resume and therefore make their hiring processes a lot faster and easier to accomplish.

5.Providing help with addiction

Probably one of the best ways this technology can help those that use it is by providing help with those struggling with certain types of addiction. A problem that facial recognition has truly helped with is gambling addiction.

There are currently millions of people around the world struggling with this problem and addiction can cause a lot of financial and psychological issues to the people affected as well as their loved ones. Facial recognition technology can be used in order to help those struggling with such an addiction as gambling to stay away from places that allow this bad habit.

By having a camera which is combined with a facial recognition software at the entrance of a casino, the people who have been marked as gambling addicts can be monitored by the company and its staff easily. They can then be escorted out with respect and without creating any problems from themselves, other customers or the company itself.

Providing solutions for many different fields

Facial recognition technologies can help simplify many difficult processes and make the jobs of many people easier to run and manage. While many people might be scared of the dangers this technology can pose to their privacy, nothing can outweigh the benefits it also has to offer.

What are your thoughts on facial recognition technology? Is it helpful or is it hiding any dangers? Let us know in the comment section!

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