How Do Biometrics Offer Unparalleled Security For Contract Labor Management?

Contract laborers work for a company for a limited time to accomplish specific projects. During this period, they may require access to the company's critical properties, sections, or machinery. The Contract labor management system (CLMS) was introduced to manage the access control, check-in, and check-out of contract laborers alongside the company's employee tracking system. With traditional authentication techniques, this system will not provide appropriate security in a vital high-security facility. Here comes the importance of biometric contract labor management systems that offer high-security authentication while keeping the benefits of traditional systems.

Besides payroll and attendance tracking, biometric integration with CLM systems provides security and assists businesses in taking a firm stand or saving them from potential legal entanglements. Biometrics provides the same benefits to all levels and types of business, but this article explains why it should be seriously considered for high-security establishments.

What's so special about high-security facilities (applications)?

High-security facilities include businesses such as oil and gas, shipyards, airports, banks, and information technology firms. Here, the great deal is that companies have to open some of their sections for contract workers, but without compromising security. That means making sure only authorized personnel is allowed. Third-party intervention may result in critical data loss, security breaches, and misuse of essential tools, machines, and documents. A warning can sometimes avoid these breaches, but in some cases, they can cause severe damage to machinery and the systematic operation of processes. Such issues will question the security and integrity of the company as well as generate severe financial losses.

In banking, the IT sector, and corporate offices, a security breach may cause the leakage of confidential data, either publicly or to competitors. Whereas in the manufacturing industry, like the oil and gas sector, a stoppage in manufacturing due to unauthorized access by unauthorized employees may cost crores within hours. Securing such factories and ports is critical since the chances of a coup cannot be ruled out.

Biometric CLMS does more than track attendance and payroll.

Labor Accessing Machine Remotely

Security! It is one of the things more important than attendance and payroll tracking. I already mentioned its importance in organizations. Thanks to biometric authentication, companies may now avoid work mishandling like never before. Only contract employees hired for specific tasks get access to corporate assets needed for the job. This means that contractors cannot interchange one worker allocated to a given task for another, ensuring that only qualified personnel do such duties.

This segregation of work and access for contract workers will even become strongly implemented across the premise with biometric authentication. Also, every sensitive device, system, and software application may be secure with biometric authentication.

Go mobile inside the premise.

Carrying POS Device to Authenticate People

In construction fields and heavy industries, it's unsafe to implement permanent authentication devices because their performance could be affected by the harsh environment. Businesses can employ portable POS machines with biometric authentication capabilities in such cases. Security staff or other officials can carry these gadgets everywhere, whereas employees do not need to bring anything but must be physically present.

Passwordless access from anywhere

From attendance software to confidential programming software, employees may need to use it while not on the company premise. For example, from their home or onsite work in a different location. Contract labor management system like the one Mantra offers has mobile applications that employees can access anywhere using their smart devices. The same biometric system installed on the premises integrates with the employee's device through CLMS software.


Each company has peculiarities in its business niches that only curl out through discussions. In the entire article, we have used the broad term "biometrics" instead of mentioning different modalities of it. Many companies are changing their mind toward biometric contract labor management systems because of the trend in contactless authentication (facial recognition). At Mantra, we often receive calls on upgrading the existing system to a facial recognition one. And such calls are focused on their application's uniqueness and questions about installation options. Our expert team (including R&D) is always open to discussions that also rediscover our capability in the technology. Reach out to us at any time: Click here.


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