Top 5 Latest Technology trends that will influence Businesses in 2020

With the digital ecosystem moving towards the DARQ age i.e. distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, extended reality and quantum computing, businesses need to get aligned with the latest digital technologies to provide personalized products and solutions to satisfy their customers.

In that light, let’s talk about the top 5 technologies that are going to revolutionize the business world in 2020.

Latest technology trends that will influence businesses in 2020

1. Distributed cloud technology

Cloud technology has been embraced by several industries globally, but currently the tech world is gravitating towards a distributed cloud system. Distributed cloud technology specializes in distributing services such as tools, applications, management and other cloud services from a centralized data centre model to different locations, leaving the public cloud provider to focus on operations, maintenance and upgrades.

To meet the requirements of an application, the distributed computing divides application components across different geographical locations. Those requirements include its location, security and redundancy.

The distributed cloud is still in its embryonic stage and is yet to be exercised in the mainstream digital world. But its implementation will bring a major breakthrough in the cloud platform.

2. 5G Technology

The 5th generation mobile network, unlike previous generations, will play a more enhanced role as it’ll not only interconnect people but also interconnect machines and control device systems. It is expected to provide multi-Gbps peak rates, low latency, more consistent user experience, and a thousand-fold capacity gain.

However, the current bandwidth of our country cannot support 5G network, as 4G LTE will have to grow more to be the anchor for 5G mobile networks.

3. Virtual Reality

You might have seen virtual headsets in commercials a couple of times, and it is well-known that in the gaming industry ‘virtual reality’ is a big thing.

Virtual reality is an artificial environment created by software and is presented in a way that convinces the user to believe it is real.

How can other industries benefit from virtual reality?

Industries like architecture and interior design, marketing, construction, tourism, etc. can give their customers a real-life scenario through the VR of how the end product or a building might look like.

In the engineering and manufacturing industries, a full-scale view of prototypes of expensive projects can be substituted with a virtual reality application. In marketing, VR promotional videos can attract the attention of customers making it more interactive by providing them with a virtual experience of how a certain product can impact their life and satisfy their current needs.

4. Facial behavior recognition

Facial recognition technology which uses algorithms to detect faces, facial expressions and recognizes people’s emotions is positively disrupting the marketing industry. Several leading businesses are analyzing the capabilities and functions of facial recognition technology to satisfy their consumers and improve revenues. Most businesses store confidential employee and consumer data and so they are in need of secure access points.

Here’s how businesses can reinforce their security system :-

CCTV cameras with in-built facial recognition systems for access control.

Facial recognition technology-enabled attendance system powered by deep learning platform for better employee recognition.

Facial recognition system based online transactions and card payments for secure transactions.

5. Blockchain data security

Blockchain technology was first implemented as the operational network behind Bitcoin. Since most of the world’s top-notch companies are data-centric companies, securing data holds their highest priority, and blockchain technology will be able to provide them with reliable and enhanced data security. Blockchain technology assures encrypted data, which eliminates all chances of data modification. It also has a decentralized way of securing data, as it stores the data on multiple computers. Not only is blockchain technology reliable and secure but it is also transparent which makes it more convincing to companies.

With every passing day, more and more companies are investing in advanced digital systems for access control, data security and overall management of their businesses. Soon we might get a sight of a more technologically advanced world in the days to come.



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