Why do big companies prefer facial recognition technology?

Facial recognition is a fast-growing technology in computer vision analysis and artificial intelligence. Big tech companies embrace facial recognition technology for many reasons. The most popular uses of facial recognition in IT businesses are attendance tracking, surveillance, access management, and bio-login systems. Meanwhile, big giants also focus on new tech development for user enjoyment, fun, convenience, and increased customer throughput. Even though authorities are attempting to regulate the use of facial recognition, it has been welcomed by tech businesses following the strict regulations of governments.

Big companies have two approaches to facial recognition: customer-centric to enhance services and employee-centric to improve productivity.

Driving factors of facial recognition

Contactless authentication

Bio login

Face filtering software and apps

AI capabilities

Attendance tracking


Benefits of facial recognition for big companies

For any type or level of business, efficient management of employees, process automation, customer service, etc., are the main pillars of success.

Face recognition for employee management

Employee management includes attendance tracking, access controlling, bio logins, etc. Facial recognition offers seamless and fast attendance tracking, which companies require to reduce the queues at entrances. Now the attendance tracking methods are changing, especially in the case of working from home and hybrid working modes. Where bio logins backed by Windows Hello suits level to mark attendance from anywhere and conform to the employee presence before the system.

Access control is another important aspect of facial recognition in employee management. Seamless and contactless access control is what is trending now and is highly preferred by big companies. Face recognition has become a primary consideration for authentication in small offices and extensive facilities like manufacturing plants and airports.

Process automation

Face recognition, computer vision tech, and intelligent video analytics are combined with speeding up the large-scale production cycle. Geofencing helps segregate employee work locations and automatic monitoring with a computer vision. These systems ensure technicians or workers are at their allocated locations and doing their assigned jobs.

On the other hand, tech companies use face recognition to allow access to important software, servers, systems, and peripheral devices. It also uses a computer camera to authenticate employees.

Customer service

Companies provide software as a service, products, and post-sale services, which are crucial in brand building. Face recognition is the latest addition to these services to enhance them. Video Software as a Service (VSaaS) offers video security systems in cloud software.

Intelligent products with biometric identification are the new trend in the industry. Various brands use face recognition for authentication and interaction with the owner, from small-fun robotic toys to home appliances.

Likewise, facial recognition helps companies ensure the quality of post-sale customer service. The face recognition API integrated with customer service management software authenticates the technician appearing for services. Companies can ensure only rightful; certified technicians carry out the field services. Like the attendance software, technicians must authenticate themselves with the field service software. Face recognition helps to earn customer trust and to assess technician performance.


Other biometric authentication methods are also used in employee management and customer service. But, face recognition has the benefits of contactless, convenience, speed, and, most importantly, interoperability with the user and organization-owned devices.

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