Integration of Biometrics with IoT - A major Breakthrough

What is IOT ?

IoT, short for Internet of Things is simply the network of physical objects. Its horizon extends beyond computers and phones to an entire range of physical things such as sensors, RFID and other smart appliances. The connection between the physical world, and the digital world has been strengthened by the IoT technology attributing to its plethora of applications and benefits.

Integrating Biometrics with Internet of Things

With the immense amount of data exchange taking place each day, Industries seek a more secure and encrypted way to interchange their data, and with Biometrics already conquering the world of authentication, the process of verification can be enhanced by integrating it with IoT. IoT, since its inception has reduced the possibilities of hacking and illegal transfer of data to a great extent and has been an immense help to diverse sectors. Biometrics provide a secure way to transfer data, and the characteristics identified by the biometric scanners are unique and make it almost impossible to replicate.

How Industries will benefit from this integration.

Owing to technologies such as Machine learning, cloud based technology, and conversational Artificial Intelligence, the execution of IoT with biometric integrated devices in industries have been made possible. The main benefits of biometric systems with IoT are as follows :-

Biometric Technology can transform the healthcare system, by allowing companies to track the health and safety of its employees, especially those working in hazardous regions. IoT wearables can monitor the health of the person and alert a physician immediately.

Access control system when deployed in Government organizations, enable ring fencing of valuable assets, i.e. allows the real time monitoring of assets that are of great value to protect from theft and sabotage and thereby smart entrance doors with face recognition can be deployed.

By using IoT based Biometrics in Automobiles, the drivers can be alerted as soon as any malfunction or failure of equipment is detected to prevent any accidents.

In the banking and financial sector, it aids in providing stress free payment solutions through apps and e-tracking systems.

Several Retail industries are fully utilizing IoT for inventory management, to track the movements across the supply chain and storage.

Advantages of IoT and Biometric enabled devices :-

Password-less authentication.

Advanced alert system for a better monitoring.

Personalized security solutions and customized user interface making it user-friendly.

Advanced authentication to provide hack-proof solutions.

Smart analysis of data processing and segregation.

IoT based home automation and Biometric identification system through cloud technology.

Hence, by deploying IoT enabled biometric devices, we can provide secure transfer of data and ensure a seamless communication between people and electronics. IoT technology also enhances the existing technology and manages to tackle all digital challenges faced until today.


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